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Nancy Diener Finke

Nancy Finke Rodem
Chief Communications Officer

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Second-generation co-owner Nancy Diener Finke was born into the sanitary process industry.  Or pretty darn close . . . Rodem was incorporated by Nancy’s parents when she was 7-1/2 months old.  After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1992 with a B.A. in Psychology, she became official a full-time Rodem employee.  As a kid working at Rodem, she cleaned the offices, spent summers filing, answering phones, and typing sales quotes (on a typewriter). 

Now as the Chief Communications Officers - Human Resources/Safety Director, Nancy works on policies, procedures, helping to clearly define the organization and roles and responsibilities of each employee, and provides in-house communication.  She is here for the employees, always striving to improve their work environment and to try to make Rodem a great place to work.  When asked what she loves about this industry, Nancy replied “I am always amazed at how things are made, to see the end result of the raw product to something every consumer can and does use is really cool.  I also think our employees are great – how all the departments come together to create a system for our customers.” 

Since 2003, Nancy, her husband Dan, and their three very active children have lived near the Connecticut shore where they enjoy walking the beach collecting sea glass.  Being with her family and watching her kids’ activities as they grow is what brings Nancy the greatest joy.

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