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Special Fitting Fabrication to Complex Skid Systems

Rodem maintains staffed fabrication facilities at which we can support immediate fabrication requirements. The vast skill level of our technicians allows us to handle anything from the most basic of special fitting fabrication to the intricate nature of a complex modular skid system.

Through our strong working relationships with the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, we get first-hand involvement in the industry allowing us to stay current on industry regulations and specifications as well as technological developments. All of this extensive sanitary industry experience works as “leverage” for the customer and allows us to take the “fat” out of customer systems. We know the industry regulations and have tailored our Fabrication techniques to satisfy the stringent regulations.

Rodem works hard to ensure that our fabrication technicians are well trained and qualified. We have a high level of quality control and our people are trained to 3A regulations, GMPs and are ASME and OSHA certified. Read more about our certifications and qualifications here.

Rodem’s Fabrication Facility is designed to meet the standards of the sanitary industry.

  • Designed for modular skidded systems and pre-fabricated spool piping construction. Learn more about our skid manufacturing capabilities.
  • Designated carbon and stainless steel zones.
  • Customized to meet your fabrication needs, while minimizing any risk of contamination.

Choose Rodem for your Fabrication needs. We can develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

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