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Rodem's Tickets to Savings

Ten Tickets to Savings

Want more productivity and profitability.  See ways to save your company money with Rodem's Tickets to Sanitary Process Savings. 

Includes several different case studies.

  1. Gamajet Tank Cleaning (Don't buy new tanks, reduce utility costs and ser-charges, more production.)
  2. Pump and Valve Maintenance (Rodem rebuilt 70 valves in a single 12 hour maintenance window.)
  3. Pump Refurbishing (Our clients have saved 25%-75% off buying new.)
  4. Emergency Pump and Valve Rebuilding (Cut downtime!)
  5. CIP Service (Quality and uptime come first.)
  6. PHE Testing (Our technology found a leak others missed.)
  7. Filler Service (Maintenance and repair on five fillers reduced spillage and improved consistency.)
  8. Homogenizer Service (No waiting to schedule service calls.)
  9. Instrumentation Calibration Service and Repair (On-site service, factory trained technicians.)

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