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Rodem Helps Customer Save By Refining Relief Valve Settings

One Rodem customer was recently experiencing challenges with over pressurization in their relief valves. Rodem was able to verify the current settings and advise on proper settings to help remedy this costly issue.

What we found was high and low settings. We identified where it was high, low, and right.  Basically, it exposed that there was great variance, which was an issue for each setting.

What does High or Low Mean?

  • High settings were causing gaskets and other valves to blow or release down line that were causing lost production and product.  This can be dangerous, damaging, and costly.  In essence they had a system that was not working due to neglect or a greater problem.
  • Low would seem to not matter, huh?  Ah contraire, low will cause too much product recirculation causing over sheering of product as well as lost throughput.  It will also cause premature wear on the valve due to the level of activity.

So what can you do to check or verify these?

If you are experiencing over pressurization where relief valves are present, then call your Rodem representative to get an expert to come look over your settings. 

There are several steps in identifying a problem with pressure relief valve settings. First, identify where you have pressure relief valves. Then get a professional to verify the current setting. Once the current setting is verified, Rodem works with our customers’ input and comes up with an agreement for settings on the valves. We can advise you how to set it properly to avoid issues associated with both too high and too low settings.

This simple service can offer a quick solution to complex problem. Don’t let pressurization challenges cause you lost production or throughput. This test can even be done while on site already doing other work as well. Schedule your test with a Rodem representative today.

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