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Rodem Customer Uses Gamajets to Clean Tank Agitators

A customer had recently replaced a failing sweep agitator with a paddle style for more aggressive in-tank blending.  While the new agitator was performing as expected for blending, the bottom side of the mid position paddles were not cleaning.  The customer was using standard 270* up spray pattern static sprayballs.

Cleaning Success Depends on Units Sized for Correct Flow & Pressure

Rodem provided (2) Gamajet Aseptic One units to tackle the cleaning problems.  The working principal was the added impact of the rotating jet heads would provide enough energy to clean more effectively.  When utilizing such units, it is imperative that they are sized for the correct flow and pressure of the available CIP supply.  Initially these units were sized for the expected CIP capability due to line size, but the first installed units were barely spinning around their axis.

Results Exceed Expectations 

After looking at several samples of their CIP charts, it was necessary to resize these units for the correct flow and reduced pressure.  After resizing, the two Gamajets did clean the tank and agitator.  The results exceeded the customers’ expectations.    

-Jon Pritchard

Below see two videos of the Gamajet units installed.

  • The first video shows the initial attempt. As you can see they were barely spinning around their axis.
  • The second video shows the proper cleaning of the units after resizing the units for the correct flow and reduced pressure. 

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Special thanks to account manager Jon Pritchard for sharing his customers's success story! Learn more about Jon here or contact your Rodem representative now. 

  • Case Study Video


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