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Beverage Manufacturer Finds Solution With Aquionics

When an international beverage manufacturer was faced with meeting new standards for disinfecting incoming water for production, they found the answer in a new Aquionics PQ 1100, UV Transmittance Monitor and UV Connect. 

Although this beverage producer was not new to UV disinfection technology, the Aquionics unit still made a significant impact on the company by enabling them to:

  • Meet new disinfection guidelines that were put in place
  • Provide more essential production information than older UV models did
  • Supply greater production efficiency
  • Obtain a consistent high quality end-product

Proof of Consistent Quality

Like all sanitary producers, this beverage company wasn’t willing to gamble with their product quality. The Aquionics unit not only provided superb disinfection technology that allowed the producer to meet and exceed industry regulations, but the monitor system also allowed for timely and accurate tracking and observation of the equipment’s performance, ensuring that product specifications were met consistently. Easy tracking and proof of performance meant peace of mind for this internationally recognized company.

The new Aquionics units were installed in two of these beverage producers’ locations in the Southeastern US. Installation was essentially a direct swap out with the previous unit, with only minor piping modifications required. The simple installation ensured that the unit was up, running and providing an immediate impact on production.

Ensure product quality and improve disinfection efficiency with the Aquionics UV equipment. Learn more about this product line.

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