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Case Studies

Saunders sanitary diaphragm valve

A custom designed multi-valve bio-block solution was the ticket to cleaning up a messy valve skid for this international pharma producer. Is a custom solution right for you?

Gamajet Aseptic 1

When a Rodem customer decided to replace a failing sweep agitator with a better blending solution, they discovered a new cleaning obstacle. Gamajet units were the cleaning solution, but not before some fine tuning to flow and pressure. Our salesman shares the story here. 

One of our customers found out the hard way that the rotors they were using for their process weren’t ideal for their specific product. Learn how Rodem resolved this unique problem.

When a pharmaceutical producer required an alternate way to sterilize water for their processes, they found the solution and additional savings in an Aquionics UV unit

Learn how Rodem helped a customer save time and money when they were experiencing challenges with over pressurization in their relief valves. 

When an international beverage manufacturer was faced with meeting new standards for disinfecting incoming water for production, they found the answer in a new Aquionics PQ 1100, UV Transmittance Monitor and UV Connect.

Learn about how one condiment producer was able to “have their cake and eat it too” when they discovered the Graco SaniForce 5:1 Drum Unloader.

Rodem’s extensive inventory and experienced customer service representatives were able to provide critical spares to a major Midwest pharmaceutical producer over the weekend to ensure the plant was up and producing on Monday.

Aquionics UV Equipment has proven to be a valuable non-chemical solution to ensure product quality for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in North Carolina.

A simple switch from plastic to rubber rotors helped a Midwest Dairy customer realize an estimated 1st year savings of $20,000+. Check out the table below for hard savings specifics.

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Rodem Staff Perseveres to Problem Solve

"It is surprising how often when a problem occurs with a project that suddenly my phone calls don’t get answered. I never worry about that with Rodem. Your staff rolls up their sleeves and goes to work to come up with a solution."