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You Need it? We’ve Got It—Wire Reinforced Silicone Hose

Rodem’s manufacturing partner, AdvantaPure, has plenty of APSW wire reinforced silicone hoses in stock and ready to ship. We know there has been shortages, long lead times and lots of waiting from some manufacturers on this type of hose, but we have access to it today!

Handles Suction or Discharge

APSW is AdvantaPure’s flexible, platinum-cured silicone hose that meets USP Class VI, FDA, ISO and EP standards, and it is NSF-51 listed. The durable four-ply hose is steel wire reinforced for:

  •  Crush and kink resistant
  •  Offers smooth liner that contains no animal-derived components

APSW handles discharge or full vacuum applications, such as ultrapure water transfer, washdown stations, skid systems and fluid processing. This hose is well suited in a variety of sanitary markets, including pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics, dairy and food.

Bulk hoses in sizes ranging from ½” to 2” I.D. are available off the shelf, and hose assemblies are available on a quick turnaround. You can choose from smooth O.D. or, for an improved range of flexibility, convoluted.

APSW Key Features:

  •  Hardness value: 70 Shore A
  •  Temperature range: -100°F to 350°F (-73.3°C to 176.6°C)
  •  Sterilizable by autoclave, CIP or SIP
  •  Will not impart taste or odor to critical streams
  •  Resists compression set, chemicals and ozone, moisture, and environmental exposure
  •  Documented lot traceable; documented quality control
  •  Validation package available

If you need this product, don’t wait! Call your Rodem representative today and get pricing and availability. We have it ready to ship today!

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