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What is a "Rodem" Anyways?

Although Rodem has been a recognized name in the sanitary processing distribution business since 1971, we often get asked about the origination of our name. Everyone asks:

  • Is there a “Mr. Rodem”?
  • What is a “Rodem” after all?

The story behind the Rodem name originates from our early beginnings.

Original co-founder Bob Diener was working in sales for a sanitary distribution company in the Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding area. During his time there he was presented the opportunity to purchase one of his customer’s facilities, Feldmann Dairy. Bob made the purchase of the Northern Kentucky Dairy processing plant with Dave (Edward) Meyer, who was the son of Meyer Dairy owner, another one of Bob’s customers.

The facility that Bob and Dave purchased included a dairy and seven convenient stores where the milk, produced at the dairy, was sold. Sometime after acquiring the dairy the partners discovered that they could purchase milk cheaper than they could produce. Consequentially, they shut down the dairy production operation, to save money and focus on the retail business.

As a result of shutting down their own dairy production, as well as having an established customer base in the local dairy industry, Bob and partner Dave decided to start a new company to sell off the existing dairy processing equipment.

They called the new sanitary process equipment company Rodem.

  • The “RO” comes from Robert (Bob)
  • The “D” comes from Diener and David, and the
  • “EM” from Edward Meyer

Becoming the Rodem You Know Today 

Sometime later, Bob and Dave parted ways. Dave kept the convenient stores and Bob kept the sanitary process equipment company, Rodem. Although it still bears the name sake of the original founders, Rodem has grown from simple equipment distribution to a full offering of systems integration and food processing equipment repair we are known for today.

See more about Rodem’s history here and be sure to meet our team, some of whom are later generations from the original founder Bob (pictured below)!

What is a Rodem Anyways?



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