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UV vs. Traditional Dechlorination by Activated Carbon Filters

Aquionics PureLine DC UV technology delivers guaranteed high UV dose for proven and effective dechlorination and enhanced disinfection. Additionally, UV dechlorination protects RO membranes from residual Chlorine and risk of bio-fouling.

Although traditional methods do the job, Aquionics UV dechlorination technology provides distinct advantages over traditional technologies like Activated Carbon Filter (ACF). The below chart demonstrates the effectiveness and true advantages of the UV system versus the traditional method of ACF.​

Unlike ACF, no bio burden generation or regular backwash/sanitization is required. UV technology reduces free and total chlorine in process lines to levels below the requirement for RO while providing effective non-chemical disinfection of bacteria, algae and other harmful microorganisms.

Aquionics Dechlorination UV systems require significantly less operator involvement and plant-room space than traditional methods leading to reduced lifetime costs of ownership.

Designed for the Sanitary Industry

  • Fits into your process
  • No backwash or rinse cycles
  • On-line UV monitoring
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to maintain
  • Space saving
  • Low operating expenses
  • Minimal downtime
  • No water waste

To learn more about the benefits of using UV for dechlorination in lieu of traditional methods contact your Rodem representative.

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