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Salad Dressings and Condiments Are No Problem with Scott Turbon’s Diverse Line of Mixer’s

Scott Turbon Mixer has combined elegant engineering, efficient design, and industrial-strength performance to streamline salad dressing and other high-shear product processing.

Mixer Heads Make the Difference

From floor-mounted production line workhorses to convenient portable mixers to specialty equipment that accommodate tight spaces, micro-batching, scalability and other challenges, Scott Turbon Mixers feature 100 percent stainless steel construction for:

  • sanitary preparation
  • reliable performance
  • easy cleaning

Revolutionary Turbon mixer heads pull heavier ingredients from the bottom of the tank while drawing lighter liquids and floating solids from the top. The heads generate blazing horizontal and vertical batch flow, ensuring stable emulsions, homogeneous distribution, and perfect consistency.

Precise Tools for Any Application

Scott Turbon’s innovative equipment evolution reduces batching times by as much as 90%, increasing supply chain efficiency, boosting worker productivity, and giving products better taste and longer shelf lives.
Large-scale producers of salad dressings, sauces, and similar foods can ensure uninterrupted production with Scott Turbon Mixer workstations that incorporate ingredient staging, loading, and unloading into a seamless production process. This solution reduces retooling by allowing single- or multi-tank mixing with a single mixer head.
Plant operators with smaller batch runs, or where testing or scalability is critical, will find all they require in Scott’s mini and laboratory mixers. Like all Scott Mixer’s products, they deliver tight-tolerance blades and vacuum-rated tanks.

Rodem and Scott Turbon: A Winning Combination

At Rodem, we consider maximizing your production, safety, and profitability challenges as our personal mission. We are proud to represent Scott Turbon Mixer. Their dedication to quality, product support, and providing complete, integrated salad dressing mixing solutions matches our own commitment to service.
With nearly a half-century of experience, we are confident Rodem’s expertise and Scott Turbon’s superb high-shear mixers are the perfect combination to create the exact sanitary design you require to improve your facility’s mixing operation and efficiency.
Learn more about our Scott Turbon Mixer offering and contact us today to find out how Scott Turbons’ mixers can improve production and reduce expenditures in your facility!

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