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Rodem Provides Custom Quotes for Sanitary Process Products and Services

When it comes to sanitary production facilities, Murphy’s Law always seems to come into play. Parts never fail when it’s convenient, and it’s hardly ever a part that you have spares of. When failures occur, it can bring your entire production facility to a halt.

Where failed parts are concerned, you typically have two major questions:

  • How much will a replacement cost?
  • How soon can I get it?

You don’t have time to scour catalogs and websites for the right part—you need to get your equipment up and running again as soon as possible. To help you get the parts that you need, when you need them, Rodem offers custom quote services. Our easy-to-use web form allows you to convey the necessary information quickly, so Rodem can start tracking down the parts you need.

Why do I Need a Custom Quote?

For simple parts and pieces, other suppliers often carry a limited variety. If you order a gasket of a certain size, they send you any gasket they have that matches your specified size. However, just because it’s the right size, doesn’t mean it’s the ideal gasket for your application.
Rodem has an incredible selection of parts in stock, meaning that even the simplest part offers many options. Your processes may require specific materials, colors , or finishes. An off-the-shelf part may fit the equipment, without fitting the process. To avoid this problem, Rodem’s custom quote service matches wear part replacements to your equipment and your application.

What Information Do I Need to Provide?

Unsure of what replacement part you need? Don’t worry, our experts here at Rodem will help troubleshoot with you to make sure we get you the right part.  It works best if you can provide, the specific part, the piece of equipment it’s used with, and any processing requirements you may have. If you don’t have the exact part number we can help trouble shoot. We have a number of resources from our manufacturers including parts break downs, maintenance manuals and more to reference, not to mention a direct contact at the manufacturer. Model numbers, serial numbers, and part numbers all help make sure that the part you need is the part that you get and will make turnaround time even faster.

The information you provide can also help Rodem find equivalent parts that can save you time and money. Using their established relationships with core vendors, Rodem may be able to offer you an equivalent part at a more competitive price. Again, the more specific you are in your requirements, the faster it is for Rodem to offer this option.

How Soon Will I Get My Quote?

Rodem understands that lost equipment time is lost production time. To help keep this time at a minimum, we process parts and equipment quotes the entire down day. In many cases you’ll hear back from one of our representatives within one business day.

How Soon Will I Get My Part?

We have a huge inventory of spare parts and equipment. Parts can ship out the same day your quote is approved and, in many instances. You won’t have to spend weeks waiting for a part to arrive from a drop-shipment facility or overseas vendor.

What Can I get a Quote for?

Rodem can offer quotes on parts, equipment, process improvements, engineering services, and more. Any service that Rodem offers can be quoted, though larger requests may require a site visit. Our account managers, engineers, and installation foremen work together in order to provide a complete solution for any need you may have.

Get Up and Running with a Quote from Rodem

Whatever you need for your production facility, Rodem can provide you with a fast, accurate quote. We handle orders large and small from a wide range of facilities every day. Getting your facility up and running, and keeping it running is made easy with custom quotes from Rodem.



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