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Rodem Offers Orbital Welding 2017 Promotion!

Rodem did our first orbital welding job in 1988. Over the past decades we have seen a steady rise in customers requesting this superior quality welding practice. We want to show you the difference!

Rodem is excited to announce a brand new promotion to kick-start 2017! For the first sixth months of the new year we are offering orbital welding on all tubing installations for price of manual welding! Experience the difference of orbital welding at no additional costs for a limited time!

  • Eliminate contamination risks with crevice-free welds
  • Consistent welds from the start of the job through the end
  • Repeatable welds for ensured performance

Orbital welding is a proven method for stainless steel tubing systems in which the products flowing through them must be maintained in a clean and sterile condition. Although this has been the standard in the pharmaceutical industry for years, we have seen a recent shift in dairy, food and beverage manufacturers moving from manual welding to automatic welding.

Sanitary processors of all industries have realized the difference in the safety, quality, consistency and performance of orbital welding. We want to share the benefits with you!

For more details on the promotion or to get a quote on an orbital job at your processing plant contact your Rodem representative today. The offer ends on July 1st. Don’t wait!

This promotion does not include additional documentation, weld maps, MTRS, and boroscoping required for pharmaceutical producers. Offer is subject to equipment availability.

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