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Rodem Helps Save Customers Thousands by Repairing Their Pump, Over Replacing

With tight production schedules, limited resources and stretched operating budgets getting more bang for your buck is always ideal for sanitary processors. We’ve got a solution for helping stretch your dollar, while still meeting production demands. Next time you are in need of a sanitary pump before you shop new, ask us about repair options and see how we can save you thousands.

In many cases, Rodem service technicians are able to salvage a faulty pump at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We will also provide insights for future successful operation and prevention of potential issues, eliminating future repair costs or pump performance issues. Check out the example below to see how we make this happen.

One ice cream producer had an Ampco PD pump that was not performing. Upon inspection by the Rodem service technician, it was discovered that the bearings were bad. The pump required new front and rear bearings, new lube, and installation of new shims to correct the issue. The tech installed 4 new housing studs, 2 rotor nuts, 4 cover wing nuts and 1 gear lock nut to remedy the problem and restore the pump to optimal performance.

Rodem Technicians Take the Extra Step at Inspections

During the inspection and repair, the technician also uncovered that there was little, to no grease in the bearings. Along with the repairs and new lube applied to remedy the issue, the Rodem technician provided the customer with the manufacturer’s maintenance manual recommendations for future use. These crucial steps are likely to prevent the need for future repairs and help ensure the pump is operating at peak performance!

Our Repair Capabilities Can Save You 75+ Percent!

The cost of the inspection, repair and future action recommendations was approximately $1100.00. The cost of the same pump, brand new is approximately $4400.00. So in this case, the ability to repair the pump instead of replacing it saved the producer around $3300.00!

Do you have a problematic pump that requires replacement? See if our team can offer a more cost-effective repair solution before buying new. Explore more about our repair capabilities or contact your Rodem rep for a quote today.

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