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Rodem’s Tomato Processing Solutions & Services Keep Your Production Running Year Round


Tomato processing is a huge industry with needs for tomato purees, pastes, ketchup, sauces, salsas, juices and tomatoes in crushed, chopped, diced and peeled variations. Tomatoes are delicate, become very sticky when cooked, and have a limited local harvest and processing season. Tomato processors need equipment that is easy to clean, reliable throughout the entire season, and able to handle tomatoes with care.

With so many different ways to prepare a tomato, they often come in contact with a large number of sanitary processing equipment. All of those contact points need to be cleaned and sanitized between cycles. Considering the viscosity and adhesion of tomato juices and pastes, that’s not an easy prospect.

The Rodem Solution

Rodem provides a variety of manual and CIP cleaning solutions with a goal in mind to keep tomato processes as clean and sanitary as possible. From Tank Cleaning to CIP systems, Rodem sells, installs, and services everything you need to keep your tomato processing lines at peak production throughout the season.
Rodem also services and maintains tomato-processing equipment. Whenever possible, maintenance windows are used to make scheduled repairs to keep equipment running at peak efficiency. In the event of a failure, Rodem has one of the largest inventories of  spare processing parts and components, ensuring rapid delivery. Keeping your line running is Rodem’s number-one goal.

Rely on Rodem for Clean, Reliable Production

Rodem’s manufacturing partner’s cleaning systems work faster and use fewer resources than traditional scrubbing or in-tank cleaning solutions. Rotary impingement and CIP systems can significantly reduce cleaning time, while also using less water and fewer chemicals. With improved cleaning, processing systems require less downtime for cleaning, and fewer consumables are used, saving producers money on two fronts.
Our service solutions rely on a network of factory-trained technicians and a robust inventory of on-hand parts. Rodem technicians have the equipment and expertise to perform repairs from pump servicing to valve replacements.

Letting Rodem Work for You

For more than four decades, Rodem has been providing equipment and services to major food processors across the nation. To find out how Rodem can help keep your lines running at peak efficiency, contact us today.Rodem’s Tomato Processing Solutions & Services Keep Your Production Running Year Round.

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