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In response to customer demand, Rodem is excited to announce our new partnership with the Standard Pump Company. Standard Pump manufactures both Sanitary Drum Pumps and Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODD).  Its sanitary process pumps are designed to transfer and / or meter liquids, slurries and viscous products from drums, tanks and kettles.    

Common applications for the Standard Pump line include the transfer of sauces, dressings, chocolate, lotions, shampoo and creams. Its vast range of food grade pump options are sure to provide an ideal solution for your sanitary application.

All sanitary processing operations require quick and easy cleaning of the pumps, whether you are processing food, producing cosmetics, or manufacturing pharmaceutical products. That’s why the entire Standard Pump line is designed to be quickly and easily cleaned and disassembled. This saves you time and resources, helping to contribute to your bottom line.


Which Standard Pump Is Right for Your Process?

Portable Drum Pumps are an ideal solution for transferring ingredients from drums and tanks. These pumps are lightweight, portable and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and sanitization.

  • Standard’s Centrifugal Drum Pumps are a great option for transferring low viscosity liquids such as juices, beer, wine and vinegar. These pumps utilize centrifugal force generated by a Stainless Steel impeller to transport the product from a drum, tank or kettle. These pumps generally:
    • produce higher flow rateso generate low discharge pressure and
    • Can run-dry and pumps against a shut-off element such as a nozzle without damage.
  • For producers with more viscous products such as lotions, creams and salad dressings, consider Standard’s Progressive Cavity Drum Pumps. These food grade pumps employ the principle of Positive Displacement utilizing a Rotor and Stator design which makes them an excellent solution for:
    • solid handling,
    • consistent discharge pressure,
    • flow rate and gentle product treatment.

AODD pumps are versatile and can be used for multiple applications within the sanitary processing industry. AODD pumps are ideal for transferring food products that are viscous, contain solids or require gentle treatment.

  • If your application requires flow rates above 30 GPM or is a more continuous duty, Standard’s sanitary AODD pumps are an excellent solution. AODD pumps use the principle of Positive Displacement created by two large diaphragms located on opposing sides of the pump. This line of AODD pumps is:
    •  versatile,
    • FDA compliant,
    • 3A certified and
    • display excellent solid handling characteristics.

If you are looking for a sanitary pump for your sanitary processing facility, contact a Rodem representative to find out which is the perfect pump for your application.

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