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More Production in Less Time with a Valve Skid System

A Midwest dairy producer and long-time customer came to Rodem seeking a solution for:

  • Increasing production/filling time and
  • Minimizing CIP downtime, without adding any additional processing or filling/packing equipment.
Valve Skid System Build

A Valve Skid System Did the Job with Minimal Downtime

Not only was the customer faced with the challenge of increasing through put and minimizing filler downtime, but they needed to implement this improved solution without cutting into their production line running 6.5 days a week. Rodem was able to design, build and install a skid system solution to meet their individual processing needs.

The solution:

  1. Rodem’s in-house skid manufacturing capability, and
  2. State of the art Mixproof Valve technology from Alfa Laval
Valve Skid Buildout

Mixproof valve technology was a significant component of this custom-built skid system because it gave the customer the ability to simultaneously run processing and CIP on various lines.

As a result, the new system helps meet the demand for more end product in less time, without adding extra filling, packaging and processing equipment.

Less Downtime=More Production: the Benefits of In-House Skid Manufacturing

Valve Skid System in Progress

The systems integration and sales team at Rodem worked with the customer to customize a skid system to their exact specs. The skid for this dairy producer was then built in house at Rodem’s fabrication facility in Cincinnati, Ohio and shipped to the customer for installation. The installation team was able to complete the mixproof valve installation in the plant with little disruption to the process due to precise planning.

Off-site skid fabrication is a relatively new concept but it is quickly becoming the standard in the sanitary industry (and for a number of reasons).

  • Minimal impact on customer facility
  • Decreased downtime for installation
  • Less interruption to production schedule

It’s always a challenge for both the system integrator and processor to perform an installation in a facility that is processing around the clock, such as this customer. With all the GMP’s that need to be followed, anything that can be done off-site is a huge plus for both parties.

Finished Valve Skid System

In an effort to find an acceptable location for the new valve clusters, without taking the plant out of service during the installation phase, the Rodem team recommended moving the new valve skids from the filling room to the platform located in the milk cooler area. The new location and proposed skid system proved to be the solution this plant was looking for. The result was less downtime for install, which ultimately means more production and less hassle.

Get Results with a Skid System

Interested in process improvements, but don’t have time for installation downtime? A skid system fabricated off-site can offer the best of both worlds. Contact one of our reps today for more information on how you can save time and money with skid systems from Rodem.

Minimize interruption and maximize production like this dairy customer did with a custom pre-fabricated valve skid. Learn more about Rodem’s custom skid design and installation for your process.

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