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How Clean are Your Fittings?

Did you know that stainless fittings and tubing make up a large percentage of the product surface contact area within the typical sanitary process? It is imperative to your brand and process to consider not only the cost of the tubing and fittings you choose for your sanitary process, but also to pay close attention to the quality.

High quality tubing and fittings ensure:

  • Optimal weldability
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Maximum structural integrity and
  • Trouble-free flowing 

When you choose quality and cleanliness over price alone the result is long-term dependability and throughput for your process and ensured brand protection.

How to Recognize Quality


The hygienic nature of sanitary process components plays a critical role in safe processing. Details make the difference. When choosing stainless fittings and tubing be sure to purchase from a reputable manufacturer that can offer proof of quality control for their manufacturing processes.
Rodem partners with fitting and tubing manufacturers that subject their products to a rigorous quality control process—from raw material sourcing to tolerance and surface finish inspection to packaging and labeling (when documentation and tracablity is required). Ovality tolerances and all surface finishes are inspected with calibrated equipment to ensure the highest quality possible.
Manufacturing processes from our partners deliver maximum structural integrity with tight tolerances, uniform wall thickness and exact angles on all tube, bend and tee connections.

Clean Flow Components = Easy Installation

Each tube and fitting is designed and manufactured to ensure dimensional accuracy and structural integrity, making them easy to install. It also makes sure to provide sanitary processors with superior corrosion-resistance and unmatched service life.
The upfront cost of sub-quality flow components may be lower, but the cost of installation and welding of these components is substantially higher due to variations in quality. In the end, the “inexpensive” material can result in a more costly install.
When the safety of your product is at stake it pays to choose quality. Rodem offers high quality, extremely clean flow components at competitive prices. Contact a Rodem representative to learn more about our manufacturer’s fitting and tubing benefits of:

  • Consistent quality
  • Contamination safety
  • Easy weldability
  • Low installation cost

Check out the below video to see a cleanliness test on Alfa Laval UltraPure Fittings versus a cheaper option. Which one would you rather have in contact with your product?

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