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Homogenizer Startup Recommendations & Rebuild Result in Improved Performance

Proper start up of sanitary processing equipment is vital for optimal performance and helps ensure maximum throughput. Our field service technician recently helped trouble shoot four homogenizers that were performing poorly at one of our customers' site, where he made a start up process discovery that was resulting in the reduced performance of the units.


Upon observation of the startup procedures of the processor it was uncovered that they were improperly starting the units. The customer was following these steps:

  • Turning first stage up to 400 bar
  • The second stage to 30 to 40 bar
  • Then the shutdown was turning down the second stage, then the first stage

This is incorrect!


Our field technician was able to recommend the proper startup procedure for these units. The homogenizers should be started as such:

  1. Start the motor and get the unit running
  2. Check oil pressure
  3. Make sure the cooling water is running
  4. Turn the second stage up to 25 to 30 bar
  5. Turn the first stage up to 300 to 400 bar

Shut down should be done in the reverse of the steps outlined above.


In addition to the correction to the startup procedure, our service technician was able to rebuild the front end of one unit where he discovered all three discharge valves and seats were bad, and replaced them. Using the customer’s on-hand parts inventory the technician was also able to replace two plungers, seats and valves on the homogenizer first and second stages.


The replacement of worn parts along with the change in startup process resulted in improved operational efficiency of the homogenizers. They are now easily operating over 400 bar, where before the rebuild they would not go over 300 bar. This is the performance that should be expected from these units and what the customer required for their operation. This customer is now planning for annual rebuilds with our service technician.

If you are experiencing issues with your homogenizers or other processing equipment, including pumps, valves or heat exchangers, reach out to your Rodem representative. Rodem can come on site to your facility and provide recommendations for optimizing efficiency or rebuild equipment if needed. Learn more about our maintenance and repair capabilities. 

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