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Happy Welding Month

It’s probably not something you think about on a daily basis, but welding keeps today’s world together. Long before modern welding practices were developed, welding was used in the Bronze Age. In 1981, Rodem joined this storied industry and started a process welding division of our own. As we celebrate National Welding month this April, we would like to salute our team of sanitary welders and thank them for their contribution to our industry and Rodem’s success.

Our installation department is notorious for having fun. These guys work hard, and play hard. In keeping with that light-hearted spirit we thought we’d share a few fun facts about our team to give you a behind the scenes look at the guys that help keep your plant running.

  1. Although our guys often work weekends, holidays, and third shift when duty calls, they do get the occasional day off. If you want to find them after hours, your best bet is to check the garage. Many of them leave one shop for another where custom car modifications and fabrications are a favorite past time.
  2. Cars are not only a hobby for some of our team; we have a few car aficionados in the group. Second to the garage, check the local drag strip for our team afterhours. Rodem foreman, Kenny Gerwin was the class winner at Edgewater Drag Races last August! The below photo shows Kenny’s car, the 1987 black Regal.


  3. We have mentioned before that Rodem is family owned, but beyond the owners there are several other families that are employed here. Three of these families are in the installation department. There are two sets of brothers, John and Michael Diener and Pete and Randy Cartmell, and one father-son, Mark Barnett Sr. and Mark Barnett Jr.
  4. The original installer hired by Rodem founder, Bob Diener, when he started the installation department is still at Rodem and is now managing the department. Greg Lepolt has been here for 35 years along with several other original members who have been here nearly as long. Mark Barnett, Dave Snyder and Pete Cartmell are still running Rodem jobs 30+ years later!

Join us as we celebrate National Welding month and salute our team and the entire industry for being the “glue” that holds our modern world together! Thank you to our full time installation team, which includes: Greg Lepolt, Pete Cartmell, Randy Cartmell, Kenny Gerwin, John Diener, Mike Diener, Kenny Klump, Dave Snyder, Mark Barnett Sr., Mark Barnett Jr., and Mike Haas. In addition to this group we have a team of dedicated subcontractors that have been with us for many years. There are too many to name but we want to thank each of them as well! Learn more about our systems integration team and services, or contact a Rodem rep.



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