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Gamajet Tank Cleaning System Saves Time & Resources

When it comes to food processing, tank cleaning can be a quite time- and resource-intensive task. No products (and thus no profit) are made during cleaning processes, but they still have to be done regularly. While the cleaning processes themselves can’t be entirely avoided, their impact on time and profits can be minimized.

Food processing technology has lagged behind in terms of tank cleaning. Many processors are still relying on static-ball cleaning and, occasionally, confined space entry. Gamajet is an updated impingement tank cleaning system that brings this aspect of food processing technology into the future.

High Force, Low Volume

The Gamajet tank cleaning system uses high-pressure water to generate intense cleaning force at and around the point of impact. Unlike other systems which rely on a high volume of water, heat, and cleaning chemicals, Gamajet relies on mechanical force. This method reduces the overall cost of cleaning by eliminating wasted water, energy, and supplies.

Repeatable, Reliable Results

The Gamajet tank cleaning system employs a global indexing pattern to provide 100% coverage when cleaning tanks. The Gamajet sprayers move in a repeatable, reliable pattern, guaranteeing complete cleaning of the tank. Other systems use random motions to provide coverage over time. Gamajet uses a set pattern to provide complete coverage faster and more reliably.

More Force, Less Costs

When compared with other cleaning systems, Gamajet results in immediate savings and reduced cleaning time. Customers who have switched from fill and drain, manual cleaning, rotary wetting, and spray balls have realized these significant savings:

  • Reduced water and chemical use by 70-80%
  • Decreased cleaning time by 75-85%
  • Virtually eliminated confined space entry (90-100%)
  • Increased productivity by 10-20%


Time Saved is Money Earned

When your tanks aren’t producing, they aren’t earning money. The time, energy, and materials spent cleaning tanks are necessary, but they yield a loss. While this loss can’t be eliminated, it can be minimized. This is exactly what Gamajet offers to our customers. Shorter cleaning windows that use less energy and materials minimize cleaning expenses and get your lines running faster.

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