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Gamajet is Guaranteed to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

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Gamajet rotary impingement tank cleaning machines are guaranteed to positively impact your bottom line, with a short ROI. The machines combine pressure with flow to create high-impact cleaning jets, resulting in superior cleaning and huge savings opportunities for producers. 

But, where do the savings come from?

Reduced Water Use = Water + Sewage Savings

The Gamajet tank cleaning system relies on mechanical force, rather than a large volume of water to create intense cleaning force. This means reduced water use for cleaning. We realize in some areas that water is not expensive, but go ahead, do the math (or we will do it for you!). Determine the cost of water usage now and then compare this vs. potential decreased use in your plant. It ultimately will help you realize annual savings. The savings may not be “a game changer” but they are continual, never-ending savings, with a one-time investment.

Reduced water use on the front-end equals savings on the back side as well. Whether you have a wastewater treatment on site or are sending the water down the drain, there is a charge per gallon to handle it. Reducing your water use has the potential to result in large sewage savings too!

Decreased Energy=Electric, Gas & Heating Savings

In addition to water and sewage savings, think about the opportunity for energy savings! What does it cost to heat the extra gallons of water required for cleaning a day? How about the cost for the electric required for your CIP supply and return pumps?

Productivity Savings

The savings don’t stop with the reduction of water usage. The Gamajet tank cleaning technology uses a global indexing pattern to provide 100% coverage when cleaning tanks.  The repeatable, reliable pattern ensures complete, reliable coverage in a shorter time span.

  • Labor Savings - Cost of People: By reducing the amount of time that people have to stand around and wait while the tank is cleaned means big savings! Just think if you could cut that time by just 10 minutes. One of our Dairy customers reported that they are cleaning in half the time now that they have installed the Gamajet units.
  • Machine Uptime Savings: More efficient cleaning means less downtime and more uptime for production resulting in significant productivity savings! The possibility for uptime savings is limitless. Installation of enough lines may allow other lines to be completely shutdown, not only reducing labor but also increasing overall capacity for growth opportunities! Think big! 

Gamajet tank cleaning systems use advanced cleaning technology, to save you money through reduced time and resources used on tank cleaning. Find out how much you can save by switching to one of these high-impact tank cleaning machines.

Get a Consultation or stop by our booth at the International Dairy Show, September 15-18 in Chicago to see a Gamajet unit in action!

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