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Four Tips for Pump Selection to Save on Energy Consumption

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Even with lower overall energy expenses, pumps still consume almost 10% of the industrial world's energy –more than any other type of equipment. Despite this statistic, there are simple ways to slash energy consumption at your plant. Here are four tips to cut energy consumption by as much as 40% through optimization of your pump selection:


  1. Pick a pump as close as possible to its Best Efficiency Point (BEP). This is where a pump is most efficient as it is the optimum head and flow point.
  2. Adjust pump speed directly through use of variable frequency drives.
  3. For expansions or system upgrades, be sure to consider overall system design in addition to pump design.
  4. Do your research! Actual pump performance can vary dramatically from application to application. Be sure to select the right pump for your exact application.

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