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Dairy Show Recap

The 2015 International Dairy Show proved to be a year of “news” for the Rodem team. Not the CNN, FOX, MSNBC “news” but rather “new” as in fresh, undiscovered and innovative. We introduced a new vendor at our booth, brought a new group of Rodem employees up for training and intros, met new faces and discovered new products!

So, what’s new? Here’s our highlights.

  1. We introduced our new manufacturing partner Aquionics and their line of UV technology. Did you know that UV now meets the requirements of the PMO for Pasteurized Equivalent Water?
  2. We have been working successfully with the Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixer UltraPure in the pharmaceutical industry for some time, but did you know that the unique, levitating, 8-wing impeller is also perfect for preventing foaming and ideal for flavored milk and heavy cream? This familiar product is new to the dairy industry!
  3. We laid eyes on the first device for cleaning the underside of the tank agitators, the Alfa Laval Blade Clean! We can’t wait to get some of these into our customers and see how much we can reduce cleaning time and boost tank productivity with this added cleaning component.
  4. New faces! Rodem sent two teams to the show. One to work the booth and one to do some training and intros. Our training group was made up of four new sales people. Three of the four are starting to transition from customer service roles, with many years under their belts at Rodem, to account management roles. We are super excited about our new group of sales members and look forward to serving our customers even better with these added resources! Stay tuned for updates!

Welcome new faces, yay for new products, and cheers to another fantastic Dairy Show and Process Expo! Rodem would like to say a HUGE thank you to all customers, vendors and employees alike that made the 2015 International Dairy Show a success!

Check out the slideshow below to get an inside look at the 2015 International Dairy Show!

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