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Clean Out Your Sanitary Processing Tank, Not Your Bank

Alfa Laval Rotary Sprayheads

Many production facilities are interested in upgrading their tank cleaning systems. They recognize the savings that a new system can offer in terms of time, energy, and chemicals. Unfortunately, not every facility has the budget to upgrade to the newest impingement systems. Those facilities need a reliable, repeatable cleaning system that doesn’t break the bank.

Fortunately, Alfa Laval offers a line of rotary spray heads that provide thorough cleaning while also being affordable. Rotary spray heads are a great intermediary step between outdated static balls and top-of-the-line impingement systems.

An Easy Fit

At a fraction of the cost of an impingement system, rotary spray heads fit easily into the budget. They’re also designed to fit easily into sanitary process equipment. They connect to existing sanitary tube fittings, with no need to alter fittings, pressure, or flow. Upgrading to rotary spray heads requires little or no conversions expenditures.

Easy to Use

Alfa Laval’s rotary spray heads are self cleaning, and self draining. They are made from minimal parts, and disassemble easily for inspection. Every Alfa Laval spray head is fully 3A compliant, ensuring that they meet the most rigorous sanitary standards.

Thorough Cleaning

Reduced costs and easy use don’t mean anything if the tanks don’t get cleaned. Alfa Laval’s rotary spray heads deliver liquid impact on the entire tank wall within the spray pattern. This complete coverage guarantees that no surface is left untreated. This liquid impact also decreases cleaning time, and reduces the amount of chemicals and water necessary to achieve full cleaning.

Instant and Continued Savings

Facilities on a tight budget will realize numerous benefits from an Alfa Laval rotary sprayhead system. The upfront costs are lower, and conversion costs are virtually nonexistent. Once installed, rotary sprayheads reduce cleaning time, energy, and waste. For facilities looking to upgrade their sanitary processes while also saving money, rotary sprayheads are a great place to start.

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