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Alfa Laval's Newest CP-3 Mixproof Sanitary Valve

Rodem is excited to announce the addition of Alfa Laval's CP-3 mixproof valve to their product lineup. This high-quality valve optimizes hygiene while maximizing performance. It's a great addition to the Rodem product offering, and complements the other great valves and processing equipment we offer.

Alfa Laval's CP-3 pump is ideal for a wide range of manufacturing implementations, and offers a number of key benefits over other valves.

No Contamination

This normally closed (NC) valve is remotely operated using compressed air. When closed, a leakage chamber is formed between two independent plug seals. In the unlikely event of a leak, the leakage chamber shunts product through a leakage outlet, safely preventing contamination of other products.

Small Footprint and Lightweight

Floor space is at a premium in many processing facilities. To help maximize that space, the CP-3 valve uses a smaller leak detection vent, reducing the overall size and weight of the entire valve. The CP-3 is able to offer maximum protection and efficiency, in a package that takes up less valuable processing space.


The CP-3 mixproof valve offers a number of configurations for greater CIP efficiency. With only two seals in the valve chamber, the CP-3 cleans faster, with less wasted CIP fluid. This greatly reduces downtime and cleaning costs.

Product Handling

The Alfa Laval CP-3 mixproof valve conforms to PMA and 3A regulations for continuous dairy applications making it an ideal valve for any dairy processing facility. However, the CP-3 can handle much more than that including:

Beverages- The CP-3 can handle the sugar and syrup necessary for making carbonated beverages and energy drinks. It's unique seal design eliminates sugar and syrup build up on plugs and seats.

Food- Viscous foods such as ketchup and mayonnaise are no problem for the CP-3. It can even handle soups and sauces with vegetables, without affecting texture. Throttling edges on the valve seat improve CIP infiltration, eliminating starchy buildup and stubborn food residue.


The CP-3 mixproof valve has a lower long-term cost of ownership than many other comparable valves. There are only two seals in the valve, which makes cleaning faster and reduces costly downtime. During operation, only one of these seals is exposed to wear, making seal replacements less frequent. The CP-3 also features a modular design, and has components that are interchangeable with other Alfa Laval valves. This means that fewer unique parts need to be kept on site for repairs.

The Rodem Advantage

Rodem is extremely excited to add this cutting edge valve to our expansive product lineup. No matter what your processing needs are Rodem has the proper valve for your specific application. To see all the valves, pumps, and other processing equipment we have to offer check out our sanitary processing product offering today.

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