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5 Fun Facts About Rodem's History

In June of 2015, Rodem celebrated 44 years in business! We have come a long way since our incorporation in 1971. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we share 5 fun facts about Rodem’s history!

  1. Rodem was started in the basement of original owner, Bob Diener’s (pictured below), home, on the west side of Cincinnati. His wife Helen became his first employee by default because she picked up the phone while Bob was out on sales calls.
  2. The Dieners moved Rodem from their home after neighbors complained about delivery trucks coming in and out of the neighborhood. Their two-car garage was Rodem’s first tubing warehouse.
  3. Our relationship with our largest vendor, Alfa Laval, was forged following a letter sent to the manufacturer (then Tri-Clover) by Bob that was typed on his portable type writer while vacationing with the family at Hocking Hills. Our original credit line with Tri-Clover was only $1000.
  4. Rodem was incorporated on April Fool’s Day in 1971—that’s no joke.
  5. Before Rodem became a distributorship, the original owners ran a dairy and owned convenience stores in Northern Kentucky that sold the milk produced at their dairy.

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