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3 Tips for Saving on New Equipment

At Rodem, we know that purchasing new processing equipment is a costly investment for sanitary processors. To help, we have compiled a few tips to ensure our customers are making the wisest purchasing decisions and getting the most bang for their buck.

1. Revive Dormant Equipment with Fresh Spare Parts

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There are times when purchasing a new piece of equipment is necessary, there are also circumstances where you can repurpose or revive existing equipment for a fraction of the cost of new and get the job done.

We recently had one of our dairy customers request pricing on a new centrifugal pump. Because our account manager was familiar with their facility and equipment, he was able to identify and provide replacement parts for an existing pump they had on the shelf. The replacement parts resulted in a $2,700 savings versus purchasing new. Before buying new, see if there is anything you can revitalize with replacement parts.

2. Know your System Requirements & Don’t Overdo It

Sure, the bells, whistles and latest technology on new equipment can be enticing, but they aren’t always needed for every job on the plant floor. Take a good look at your requirements and eliminate extras for savings. Like new car shopping, it isn’t always necessary to opt for the luxury model when the base will do.

One food service customer recently sent in an RFQ for an electronic temperature sensor. They asked for pricing for a life and sciences version of the sensor. As a food processor, they aren’t required to use the high purity version. We were able to convert the part number to the food and beverage version and save our customer a few bucks and still get the product they needed!

3. Schedule Service & Get to the Root of the Problem

Processing problems can be complex and tricky to solve when the origin of the issue is uncertain.  Before purchasing replacement or alternate equipment ensure that the equipment in question is being operated to manufacturer’s recommendations and a regular service schedule has been followed. Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to extend equipment life.

This past summer one dairy processor had a concern with adulterating their organic milk and wanted to re-pipe and replace actuators on their valves. Upon review and audit, the Rodem team suggested valve seat maintenance prior to modifying the installation. The performed service was able to remedy the issue, saving the customer thousands of dollars for the cost of piping modifications, new actuators and avoided downtime for installation.

Schedule a consultation with one of our sanitary experts to see how you can maximize your processing equipment’s lifespan or learn more about our spare part selection and maintenance services.

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