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3 Products for Boosting Plant Efficiency

Manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary industries continually must find ways to cut costs and increase productivity. The key, of course, is to do so without sacrificing cleanliness and quality. Rodem carries a full line of processing equipment from manufacturers who understand this concept. Their components combine these goals; they conserve energy, labor, time, and other limited resources while streamlining production and eliminating waste.
Here are some examples:

Alfa Laval’s LKH Prime Pump Saves Energy

Alfa Laval LKH Prime

Employing proprietary air screws, impellers trimmed to match the particular application and flow rate, and specially engineered casing geometries, Alfa Laval has designed the LKH self-priming pump to be as much as 60% more energy efficient than traditional liquid ring pumps. Even more impressive, the LKH design allows for the prompt removal of entrained air through the suction pipe, making the pumping action more efficient as the operation continues, leading to shorter processing times and reduced energy costs.
Created for use in clean-in-place processes, the pump’s power quickly and completely returns cleaning fluids from all components and pipes, reducing cleaning time and getting lines up and running as soon as possible. The LKH Prime is a solid option for tank evacuation due to it’s ability to evacuate air from the suction pipe with minimum noise level and maximum pumping efficiency. In some cases, it can even pull double duty for CIP operations and for moving ingredients and product, further reducing energy consumption as well as capital investment and maintenance costs.

Aquionics UV Lamps Increase Efficiency

Alfa Laval LKH Prime

Ultraviolet disinfection of water has been recognized as an effective alternative to conventional heat pasteurization. Proper UV treatment can achieve the same results using as little as 1/20 of the energy required by pasteurization. In dairy processing and other sanitary manufacturing uses where large volumes of water may be used not only as an ingredient, but also for product propulsion, cleaning, steam, and more, conservation becomes paramount.
Aquionics’ ultraviolet lamps make sanitary manufacturing more efficient in a variety of ways:

  • Eliminates Spoilage –can provide failsafe backup to other methods and can disinfect at the end of a processing cycle, reducing the chance of contamination after UV treatment.
  • Cleans the Cleaners – Aquionics’ products disinfect the plant’s other cleaning components such as water used for cleaning-in-place and filters which can harbor contaminants. Sanitizing makes carbon beds and reverse osmosis membranes more effective and extends their lifespans.
  • Reduces Waste – Aquionics’ lamps cut treatment and disposal costs by reducing the amount of wastewater created during manufacturing by making more of it safe for reuse.


Gamajet Tank Cleaners Save Time & Chemicals

Gamajet Tank Cleaning Equipment

Precise rotation patterns and ultrahigh pressure give Alfa Laval’s Gamajet rotary impingement cleaning equipment the best coverage and most effective scouring action of any tank cleaners on the market. Reaching the entire surface – including the underside of agitator blades, tight-radius tanks, and more – Gamajet blasts particulates with high-impact jets, scrubbing away potential sources of cross contamination and preparing the surface for chemical and detergent disinfectant delivered in repeatable, 360-degree patterns. Impact and coverage means tanks get clean the first time, with no need to run through additional costly and time-consuming cycles, saving cleaning agents, water, and production time.
Rodem carries the full Gamajet line, with products suitable for any sanitary production industry. The rotary impingement and spray ball technology is safer and less labor-intensive than manual cleaning, and more effective than passive fill-and-drain methods. 

All the products outlined above are easy to disassemble, clean, maintain, and reinstall. This reliability further improves plant efficiency. Let our experts show you how our pumps, valves, cleaners, and other equipment can make your operation more efficient.
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