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Stainless Sanitary Fittings

Ensure safe handling of your products with our superior lines of stainless steel sanitary fittings. These products are committed to meeting your exact demands for safety, reliability, efficiency and hygiene.
Rodem offers installation materials in different standards so you are sure to find the right part for your specific application, whether you require dairy fittings, pharmaceutical fittings, and more, we have what you need. All of our fittings are manufactured to 3A standards and are made for your sanitary process.

Connection Types (from Alfa Laval)

Clamp Fittings

A connection is made up of plain ferrule, a clamp, and a gasket. Tees, elbows and reducers are available with Tri-Clamp connections. All three styles are in compliance with 3A standards for CIP. These three types of clamp fittings are designed for use in the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Tri-Clamp connections are the industry standard, having neuter-style ferrules to simplify design and installation
  • H-Line and IHL-Line self adjust during tightening so joints are fast and easy to assemble and take apart

Threaded Fittings

A connection is made up of plain ferrules, a threaded ferrule, a nut and a gasket.

  • The faces on Bevel Seat fittings are angled to create a metal to metal sealing surface.
  • A John Perry fitting consists of a flat-faced threaded ferrule, a flat-faced plain ferrule and a profiled gasket.

These joints are particularly useful with swing connections and flow diverter panels.

  • A DC fitting utilizes the Bevel Seat plain ferrule and a threaded ferrule with a grooved face to retain a gasket.

The three types of threaded fittings are designed for use in the food, dairy and beverage processing industries. Bevel Seat joints are in compliance with 3A standards for manual cleaning. Both John Perry and DC fittings are in compliance with 3A standards for CIP.

Bends, Tees & Reducers

Our fitting manufacturers focus on producing fittings with long durability, problem-free welding and assembly and the highest possible strength. Key criteria in the manufacturing process include tight tolerances, a full range of finishes and uniform wall thickness.
If you don’t see what you are looking for on the website, call us! We have a large inventory of stainless steel fittings available today. We also have access to a variety of more uncommon fittings not highlighted here and have the ability to fabricate specialized fittings in our shop. How can we help with your fitting needs?

Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Fittings

When hygiene counts, depend on Alfa Laval Tri-Clover fittings.

Dixon Sanitary Fittings

Dixon sanitary fittings are available in sizes up to 12 inches.

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