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Valve Communication & Actuation

Upgrading older valve automation with advanced valve sensing and control technology can significantly lower investment, boost plant performance and cut operating costs. In some cases the air-operated valve remains the same and only the control head interfaces need replacement.
Learn more about getting a fast return on investment and long-term savings on operating and maintenance costs with valve communication and automation.

Alfa Laval IndiTop

The Alfa Laval IndiTop is equipped with a low-maintenance design ideal for use in new and existing plants for real-time visual indications of valve position and status.

Alfa Laval ThinkTop

ThinkTop provides real-time information about valve operating status, while helping to improve production performance and secure traceability. 

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop Basic Control Unit offers ease of operation, standard functionality and dependable, cost-effective operation.

Burkert Process Valves Automation (Control)

Specially designed for the demands of the sanitary processing environments the Burkert control valve automation is ideal for hygienic systems.

Burkert Process Valves Automation (On/Off)

Count on Burkert for uniquely integrated valve automation solutions. 

Habonim Pneumatic Actuator

The Compact actuator from Habonim has emergency shutdown applications and comes with a 7-year warranty, standard, due to its high performance and superb reliability.

StoneL Valve Communication & Control

Improve process performance and reduce total life cycle costs by integrating your automated valves. 

Since their inception Tru-Flo has focused on quality manufacturing for valves and automation components. 

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