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Shutter Valves

Sanitary is the name of the game when it comes to the shutter valves we represent. We are happy to offer product lines dedicated to the high-purity industry and this shutter valve falls into the group as well.
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Alfa Laval MH Koltek Shutter Valve

The Alfa Laval MH Koltek Shutter Valve is suited for your high viscous, sanitary application. 

Designed with flow in mind the LAUFER Customized Shutter Valves offer a variety of benefits for maximizing product safety for aseptic processing. 

LAUFER Free Flow Shutter Valves

Designed according to hygienic guidelines, the LAUFER Free Flow Shutter Valves meet stringent demands for sanitary processing applications.

LAUFER Pig Diverter Shutter Valve

With zero dead pockets and a hygienic design, LAUFER Pig Diverter Shutter Valves ensure that no products remain in the valves during operation. 

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