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Personal Protective Equipment

Personnel and product safety are a crucial part of every sanitary processing operation. Here at Rodem we have developed a product offering to fully meet all of your personal protective equipment needs.

Sanitary to safety needs, we’ve got you covered!

  • Disposable In-plant  Apparel
  • Cold Weather Work Gear
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Ask us about setting up a vendor managed inventory, and see how we can help you set up a stock of these necessities at your facility.

Boss Personal Protective Equipment

Keep your plant and personnel safe and compliant with a full line of personal protective equipment.

Disposable apparel solutions for everyday plant operations.

RefrigiWear Insulated Protective Clothing

Quality cold weather work gear for your climate controlled environment.

We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

Sales Rep is a Wealth of Knowledge

"Customer service is great. Always prompt and on time with quotes and deliveries. Local sales rep is an excellent wealth of knowledge."