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Food Grade Lubricants

Extend equipment life and cut maintenance costs by lubricating all bearing and moving parts with food-grade lubricants.

Rodem offers a full line of food-grade lubricants to meet all of the needs in your processing plant. These products are high-quality and designed specifically for incidental contact with food in processing facilities. All lubricants are created to industry regulations.

Trust these solutions to get more life out of your equipment and add to the bottom line with maintenance savings.

Clearco Food Grade Silicone Lubricants

These food grade silicone lubricants are specifically designed for incidental contact with food in processing plants.

Haynes Lubricants Food Grade Lubricants

Haynes Lubricants makes products that are rated H-1 with acceptance from USDA and NSF.

Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life with Petrol-Gel Sanitary Lubricant.

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