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Impingement, Spray Balls & Tank Cleaning

Smart cleaning solutions are a key part of your process. We can help find the best tank cleaning solution for you and show you how to start the savings today!

  • Reduce time spent cleaning tanks
  • Increase up-time and production
  • Decrease utility consumption and waste

Each process and product requires different cleaning specifications. We have the solution for your application challenge. Partner with one of our top-notch manufacturing partners to find the right tank cleaning design and product for your plant.

Alfa Laval Gamajet Aseptic-1

Get repeatable cleaning results with the only machine designed to meet the requirements of the 3-A Sanitary Standard 78-01.

Alfa Laval Gamajet Aseptic-VI

Variable flow rates and consistent spray pattern ensure reproducible bacteria-free cleaning from the Gamajet A-6.

Alfa Laval Gamajet Blade Clean

Cleans the underside of tank agitator blades
Improves tank productivity by reduction in cleaning times
Sanitary design 


Alfa Laval Gamajet EZ-8

The Gamajet EZ-8 is light-weight, but powerful for large tank cleaning.

Alfa Laval Gamajet IV

The Gamajet IV is the most powerful cleaning option from Gamajet.

Alfa laval Gamajet IX

The Alfa Laval Gamajet 9 tank cleaning machine sets the standard for cost-effective impingement tank cleaning.

Alfa Laval Gamajet NanoJET 2.0

Find your solution for flow-through sanitary tank cleaning with Gamajet NanoJET.

Alfa Laval Gamajet PowerFLEX

Powerful, Sanitary Tank Cleaning for a Variety of Pressures and Flows. 

Alfa Laval Gamajet Rotacheck

The Alfa Laval provides the validation for tank cleaning in line with sanitary 3-A and EHEDG standards.

Alfa Laval Rotary Spray Heads

Improve clean times and reduce water and chemical waste with Alfa Laval Rotary Spray Heads.

Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Jet Heads

Achieve maximum cleaning coverage with Alfa Laval Toftejor Rotary Jet Heads engineered for the sanitary industry.

Sani-Matic Spray Balls

Extensive industry experience guarantees sound and reliable cleaning with Sani-Matic Spray Balls.

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