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Orifice Plates

Get your orifice plate gaskets from Rodem! We bring you the best options in the industry with our reputable manufacturers. Count on us for not only options, but also for quality and performance.
These producers manufacture to sanitary industry specifications and offer an assortment of sizes, materials and more. Get more info about our selection or request a quote.  

Apex Orifice Plate Gaskets

Count on quality and performance from Apex orifice plates. 

Newman Sanitary Gasket Company Orifice Plates

All Newman Gasket products meet the criteria of the FDA and USP Class VI. 

Rubber Fab Orifice Plate Gaskets

Orifice Plate gaskets from Rubber Fab can advance your system’s performance, adjust flow rates, balance backflow, and equalize back pressure during SIP procedures. 

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