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Pressure Transmitters & Gauges

At Rodem we understand the sanitary requirements and the rigors of the applications and environment. This is why we have partnered with manufacturers who are committed to designing the most reliable line of sanitary pressure transmitters and gauges.
The full family of pressure transmitters and gauges includes indicating switches and transducers. All of these instruments are available with the industries widest selection of sanitary process connections.
Applications include:

  • Homogenizers (inlet and discharge),
  • Separators,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Filters,
  • Pumps,
  • Fillers and
  • Surge tanks and other pressure dependent processes or equipment.

Regardless of the application, our manufacturing partner’s product lines will allow the optimization of your process and protect against over-pressure and under-pressure situations.
Trust Rodem with your pressure transmitter and gauge needs. We know your processes and have the products to back up our expertise. Learn how to optimize your process with the right pressure instrumentation.

Discover Anderson-Negele’s line of pressure transmitters and gauges, and see how you can optimize your process. 

We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

Excellent Installation

"We have (recently completed) process piping installation of DI Water System... the Techs do an excellent job at installing."