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Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Scraped surface heat exchangers are great options for heating or cooling viscous and sticky products while still maintaining the integrity of the products particulates.
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Alfa Laval’s scraped surface heat exchanger is ideally suited for heating or cooling viscous, sticky or chunky products.  

SPX HDRT and HEXRT Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Whether it is heat sensitive products or products with large particulates, SPX scraped surface heat exchangers are you solution for heating and cooling. 

SPX HT 680 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

The SPX HT 680 - Light and medium duty Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger  

SPX VT+/HT+ Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

The APV VT+/HT+ series offers robust reliability, efficient heat transfer and fast, effective cleaning. 

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