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Plate Heat Exchangers

Rodem represents a full array of plate heat exchangers that focus on optimizing energy utilization while minimizing downtime. These solutions are highly efficient and durable options for heat transfer in sanitary applications.
Years of in-plant experience at our customer’s facilities have given us a comprehensive understanding of the demands placed on plate heat exchangers in the sanitary processing industry. We know plate heat exchangers are a multi- purpose and costly piece of process-critical equipment.

Focus on Functionality & Efficiency

Reliable functionality and efficiency are both equally important when it comes to plate heat exchangers. That is why we have not only partnered with the industries best manufacturers to offer you proven solutions, but have developed a service offering to keep your PHE (plate heat exchangers) functioning at top-notch performance, ensuring product safety and happy end users.
The PHEs we represent are engineered to sanitary industry specifications. Regardless of your application or product viscosity we can find a solution to meet your heat transfer demands from pasteurization to general heating and cooling and everything in between.

Maintain the PHE You have to Keep Operating at Peak Efficiency

If you already have the perfect heat exchanger for your application, but want to make sure you get the best performance consistently and safely it's important to maintain the system. Our maintenance and repair team have the ability to test the functionality of your system and perform repairs if needed.

Our testing system:

Use our testing system to make sure your plate heat exchanger is operating safely and accurately. Don’t take chances when it comes to product safety!
To learn more about the line of industry leading, plate heat exchangers we proudly rep or about our cost saving PHE testing and repair contact a Rodem representative. We look forward to partnering with you for your heat exchange needs.

Alfa Laval BaseLine Plate Heat Exchangers

The BaseLine range consists of reliable, cost-effective plate heat exchangers designed for applications that are generally less sensitive than those handled by the FrontLine range.

Alfa Laval FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger

The premium FrontLine range represents one of the most advanced plate heat exchanger technology available for food, beverage, dairy, and other hygienic applications.

M-Line plate heat exchangers

M-Line Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers are the ideal choice for use in pasteurization and general cooling/heating of dairy and brewery products, fruit juices, and similar food products.

SPX Paraflow Plate Heat Exchanger

SPX/APV ParaFlow has an unmatched range of sanitary plate heat exchangers engineered with innovative designs to match your requirements.  

SPX Quad-Drive Series 2 Heat Exchanger

As the industry leader in heat transfer equipment, SPX/APV raises the standard for reliability and process efficiency with the Quad-Drive Series 2 Heat Exchanger.

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