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Rodem Sanitary Cleaning Equipment

Better cleaning solutions means more time for production!

Federal Fillers

Rodem offers a full line of durable filling solutions including, hygienic liquid fillers, net weight fillers and capping systems.  

Freezers and Refrigeration

Energy efficient freezer and refrigeration options for your sanitary process. 


Rodem has an extensive inventory of sanitary gaskets in a variety of options. 

Heat Exchangers

Rodem represents a full line of efficient heat exchange options from the industries top manufacturers. 

Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

Ensure you are meeting or exceeding requirements for performance, reliability, cleanability and sterilization by partnering with our industry leading manufacturers and designers for sanitary process instrumentation.  


Maximize your productivity, improve product shelf life and control expenses with superior mixing technologies. 

We have the sizes, materials, and quantities you need for sanitary O-rings.

Orifice Plates

We bring you an assortment of orifice plate gaskets made to meet your processing demands. 

Packaging and Material Handling

We promote long-term and efficient packaging and material handling options, and use our suppliers to support our customers' individual needs. 

Processing Equipment

Experience, integration capabilities and industry leading equipment make Rodem your source for sanitary processing equipment. 


A comprehensive understanding of the sanitary processing industry ensures we can help find the pumping solutions to meet your unique application. 

Sanitary Supplies

Simplify your plant supply shopping and find everything you need in one place with Rodem. 

Rodem Stainless Steel Fittings

Our high quality installation materials are carefully selected for supreme hygiene. 


Explore endless options of tanks and processors from leading manufacturers that design with high-quality in mind to ensure superior quality of your end-product.   

With numerous valves opening and closing at any given time day or night, Rodem is a recognized distributor of valves for a wide range of sanitary applications. 

We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

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