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Walker Engineered Products Storage Tanks

For generations Walker Engineered Products has fabricated countless silos and storage tanks for the sanitary processing industries. Their storage tanks offer low cost per gallon of storage with capacities up to 80,000 gallons, without compromising quality. Walker storage tanks offer high quality materials, unique design elements and value-added fabrication features.
In addition to silos, Walker offers a range of vertical liquid storage tanks with dish, flat pitched or cone bottom design supported on legs or side mounts.

Single Shell Storage Tanks

  • Heat transfer jacket on side wall and/or vessel bottom
  • Insulated or single shell
  • Agitation
  • Side or top entry manway
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel, other materials are also available
  • Atmospheric or pressure design

Round Horizontal Storage Tanks

Round horizontal stainless steel storage tanks from Walker offer the dairy, beverage and food industries required holding capacity, in single or multiple-unit installations.

  • Standard sizes 1,000 to 20,000 gallons or customized to your specs
  • Meet or exceed 3A or USDA standards
  • Refrigerated cold-wall models and non-refrigerated design options
  • CIP cleaning is simple with flush interior fittings
  • Designed for regular floor mounting or for through-wall installation
  • Can be equipped with either vertical or horizontal agitators

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your products and processes with the superior rigidity, surface quality, and durability inherent in Walker Engineered Products. Focused on the engineering of skills and expertise, they are able to offer innovative and sophisticated sanitary designs for storage vessels, process tanks, and custom fabrications.


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