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Walker Engineered Products Processor Vessels

The Walker line of process vessels are used in sanitary process facilities where the demand for agitation requiring an ASME pressure vessel meets process, controlled temperature transfer, or aseptic processing.

Walker designs and fabricates process vessels to 3A Sanitary Standards. Simple to integrate into any sanitary process line, these vessels are a great option for the most demanding applications in the food, dairy, beverage and personal care industries. Walker process vessels offer flexibility of materials, vessel configurations and capacities ranging from 10 to 10,000 gallons.

Flexible Technologies Meet Challenging Applications

  • Various Heat Transfer Technologies:  channel on side wall, dimples on bottom cone and half pipe for high temperature applications
  • Processor Configurations: cone bottom, dish top/bottom, slope bottom, open top or flat top w/ hinged covers and more.
  • Customized Material Options: 304 stainless; 316; AL6XN, Hastalloy for pharmaceutical and personal care products.
  • Viscosity Ranges: Please refer to the examples of cps viscosity measurements and related food items to get an idea which processors are best suited for which levels of viscosity.
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards: designed and manufactured to 3-A sanitary standards that certify hygienic equipment design for dairy and food processing equipment.  

The wide variety of Walker Batch Processors ensures the right vessel to meet your production demands.

  • Sloped Bottom, Side Outlet Processor: Multi-purpose process tank ideal for use in the dairy, beverage and food industries
  • Cone Bottom, Center Outlet Processor: Multi-purpose piece intended to handle more viscous products such as yogurt and lotions
  • Agitation Systems: Agitators to compliment your existing process for maximum results

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your products and processes with the superior rigidity, surface quality, and durability inherent in Walker Engineered Products. Focused on the engineering of skills and expertise, they are able to offer innovative and sophisticated sanitary designs for storage vessels, process tanks, and custom fabrications.


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