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Walker Engineered Products Mixer Vessels

Walker Mixer Vessels, the Hi-Mix Multi-Mixer and Liqui-Mixer are durable enough to overcome the most complex mixing challenges. They offer a reliable design, with simple cleaning and maintenance.  


The application-specific, Liqui-Mixer from Walker is a sanitary rectangular mixing vessel.  It is equipped with a high shear mixer impeller at its bottom for speedy dispersion of powders into liquid.  The rectangular shape is an important design element that allows for self baffling, rapid dispersion and mixing of powders into liquid. The range of process applications is vast thanks to temperature control options. The  Liqui-Mixer™ is a great solution for mixing light to medium bodied products such as food and pharmaceutical products.


Hi-Mix™ Tanks: Multi-Ideal tank option for quick mixing in dairy, beverage and food processing. It may also be designed for clean-in-place.


The Walker Multi-Mixer™ has a strong mixing tank design, combining the bottom mounted Walker impeller system for outstanding dispersion with a scraper agitator on sides for heating and cooling applications. True to its name, it offers multiple capabilities of concurrent heating and cooling, formulating, gentle agitation, high speed mixing of viscous products and chopping to form a slurry.

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your products and processes with the superior rigidity, surface quality, and durability inherent in Walker Engineered Products. Focused on the engineering of skills and expertise, they are able to offer innovative and sophisticated sanitary designs for storage vessels, process tanks, and custom fabrications.


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