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Walker Engineering Products


Walker Engineered Products designs, builds and services exceptional stainless steel tanks and vessels. The rigidity, surface quality and durability inherent in Walker stainless steel fabrication increase the efficiency and consistency of their customers’ products and processes.
The technology behind Walker Engineered Products ensures quality in a wide range of markets that mix, blend, process and store. Explore their broad range of products.

Walker Engineered Products Mixer Vessels

Walker mixer vessels combine design features for maximum processing flexibility ensuring the perfect solution for gentle agitation through mixing light, medium and heavy, viscous products.

Walker stainless steel process vessels are built with flexibility, efficiency and convenience in mind.

Walker Engineered Products Storage Tanks

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your products and processes with the superior rigidity, surface quality, and durability inherent in Walker Engineered Products.

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Service Technician Offers Exceptional Process Recommendations

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