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Vilter Reciprocating & Screw Compressors

Vilter offers both reciprocating and single screw pumps as options to partner with your refrigeration.

Reciprocating Compressors

Vilter offers four different lines of reciprocating refrigeration compressors including the VMC 440, VMC 350ES, and the flagship VMC 450 XL. The 450 XL is an extremely versatile compressor that incorporates all of the features of the world-famous Vilter VMC 440 offering substantial saving per ton of refrigeration produced.

Single Screw Compressors

Vilter’s VSM-VSS line of Single Screw compressors delivers higher performance than twin screw compressors and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. The key to Vilter’s Single Screw compressors reliability is its balanced design. The inherent design advantage allows Vilter to offer the 5/15, a five-year warranty on internal components and a fifteen-year warranty on bearings, the industry’s longest. Besides ultra-low bearing wear, the balanced design decreases vibrations and sound levels.

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