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Tetra-Pak Tetra Spiraflo Tubular Heat Exchangers

Tubular heat exchangers offer long run times and are excellent options for products containing pulp or particles.
The Tetra Spiraflow achieves optimal performance by combining straight and corrugated tubes.  Production flexibility in terms of different types of products includes processing of viscous products, particulate products and products with fibers or pulp. The design that permits long production time and low maintenance costs.

Tetra Spiraflo offers many unique advantages:

  • Completely independent floating product tube bundle to prevent cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction
  • Removable product tube bundle for easy inspection and service
  • Contact free product zone, reduces risk of crevice corrosion and product build-up
  • Modular design allows for easy modifications and expansion in the future
  • Isolated media O-rings prevent media from ever crossing over into product zone
  • Fewer number of bolts to be removed for internal inspection

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