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SuperKlean Nozzles

SuperKlean takes maintaining your sanitary environment seriously but hasn’t overlooked the endless challenges of reducing energy and water consumption, reducing operational costs, and becoming a more environmentally-friendly facility. This is why they have designed a water saver nozzle with these obstacles in mind.

SuperKlean’s Water Saver Nozzle Design:

  • Improves worker efficiency
  • Promotes worker safety
  • Conserves water/sanitizers
  • Minimizes slippery surfaces caused by puddles of water left over from open ended hoses

SuperKlean’s priority is to fully satisfy their clientele with innovative designs. The focus on innovation has created real solutions for savings and efficiency. Implement savings and efficiency at your facility today. Contact Rodem and see how partnering SuperKlean’s water saver nozzle with their mixing stations means more savings.


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