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Standard Pump Drum Pumps

Standard Pump offers various drum pump options to provide an ideal solution to your sanitary application.

Their Centrifugal drum pumps are a fantastic option for transferring low viscosity fluids such as juices, beer, wine and vinegar. For more viscous products such as lotions, creams and salad dressings, try the Progressive Cavity Drum Pumps.

Drum Pumps-Centrifugal

  • Flow Rates 35 GPM (132 LPM)
  • Electric or Air Motor
  • 39” (1000 mm) or 47” (1200 mm) lengths

Drum Pumps-Progressive Cavity

  • Flow Rates to 12 GPM (45 LPM)
  • Electric or Air Motor
  • Maximum Viscosity 100,000 cps (mPas)

Drum Pumps-Metering Systems

  • Accuracy within 0.30%
  • Electric or Air Motor
  • PLC Interface Capabilities

Standard Pump knows all processing facilities require quick and easy cleaning of your processing equipment. That’s why they designed all of their pumps to be quickly and easily cleaned and disassembled, saving you time and resources.



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