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Sharpe Mixer Impellers

Sharpe Mixers provides an assortment of industry standard and specialized impeller designs that are optimized for specific sanitary process mixing applications.

  • AFT-455 Conventional 45-degree flat blade axial flow turbine impellers generate high turbulence in lower viscosity and better shear in higher viscosity liquids than more efficient hydrofoil impellers. Generate good axial flow in higher viscosity liquids (NRe< 200) with the AFT-455.
  • FBT-700 Flat blade radial flow impellers create high flow and shear rates, but draw additional power than pitched blade impellers. Use for dis­persion at high tip speeds (>30 fps), blending immiscible fluids or as "tickler" impellers to mix low liquid levels.
  • CBD-730 The "Smith" radial flow disc impeller provides necessary shear for superior gas dispersion. The disc design proves superior for gas hold-up and reduces short circuiting. The cupped blades create larger bubble surface areas to improve gas transfer.
  • HYF- 218 "Hyflo" hydrofoil impellers generate better flow for less power. The HYF-218 is well suited for low viscosity applications and provides double the flow of pitched blade turbines at equal power. Low blade angle and hydrofoil blade shape reduce shear rates.
  • HSD-800 The"Cowles" high shear disc impeller cre­ates high-shear to prevent clumping, wet out powders, reduce particle size and emulsify. Ideal operating conditions exist when operating at a high speed. It can be used in conjunction with an axial impeller to provide tank circulation and high shear.
  • HYF-518 The wide blade "Hyflo" high-efficiency hydrofoil is best suited for use on medium viscosity (NRe< 500) products. The high-solidity design makes it ideal for gas-handling applications and provides equal flow at half the power of common pitched blade turbines.
  • ANC-101 "Anchor" impellers are used to mix higher viscosity products (NRe<200).  For more options, add scraper blades to clean vessel wall , or a separate high-shear mixer to improve flow/shear.
  • HLX-102 Single and double helix impellers are best for blending viscous liquids (NRe< 50). This can also be paired with anchor, auger, axial flow and/or scraper blades for additional options.
  • Split Hub Allows easy installation, positioning and removal


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