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Scott Turbon Mixer Powder Induction Mixing

Scott Turbon powder induction systems are designed to help successfully reduce batching times by up to 90%, while increasing the consistency and quality of finished products.

Scott Vacuum Mixer reduces entrained air thus providing:

  • Longer shelf life through reduced oxidation
  • Accurate fill weights with volumetric fillers
  • Increased color uniformity between batches
  • Increased product stability with smaller droplet sizes
  • Substantially quicker batching times

Vacu-Blend System (mixing 10 to 300 pounds/minute)

The Scott Vacu-Blend system offers the benefits of an inline mixer, coupled with the advantage of using vacuum to pull powders and solids into the fluid stream. The Vacu-Blend has simplified the addition of powders into liquids for the food, cosmetic, personal care, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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